Gold Price 1964 to 2024

Gold Price 1964 to 2024:  Gold is considered a safe investment. And people prefer investing in gold over stock market. If you compare the price of gold for the last few years, you will realize that the price of gold is increasing every year. Means gold gives stable returns. This is why people prefer to invest in gold. Let’s know how the price of gold has increased in the last 60 years?

Gold is a first choice investment. People prefer to invest in this yellow metal. Looking at the gold prices of the last 60 years, we realize that in 1964, the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs. 63 which is about 73000 today. It means that you took in 1963 Rs. 63 gold price today is Rs. 73000.. It means that in these 60 years gold has got 1150 times return. Gold people keep puns for tough times in crisis. The increase or decrease in the price of gold thus depends on many factors. Gold prices fluctuate due to demand and supply of gold, international economic conditions, international war-like conditions, inflation, dollar value, festive and wedding seasons, interest rates and government policies.

Gold price from 1964 to 2024

  • 1964: Gold price Rs. 63: In 1964, the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs. was 63.
  • 1973: Gold price Rs. 278: In 10 years the price of gold rose to Rs. 278 was reached.
  • 1979: Gold price Rs. 937 Rs. : After 1973, there was a good increase in the price of gold in 5 years. And almost 4 times the price of gold. The reason for the increase in the price of gold during this period was the popular revolution in Iran.
  • 1987: Gold price Rs. 2570: 19 October 1987 is known as Black Monday. On this day, the American stock market fell by 22 percent in a single day.
  • 1998: Gold price Rs. 4045 : After 1987, the price of gold did not increase significantly in 10 years. And the price of gold did not even double. 1998 saw many upheavals in the international economy and financial system.
  • 2008: Gold price Rs. 12500: In the 10 years after 1998, there was a good rise in gold prices and gold prices almost tripled. In the year 2008, global financial depression and global financial crisis occurred.
  • 2011: Gold price Rs. 25000: After 2008, gold prices took off and doubled in just 3 years.
  • 2019: Gold prices at Rs. 39000: After 2011, the gold price saw a slow rise in 8 years and gold prices reached 25000 to 39000.
  • 2020: Gold prices at Rs. 48000: In the time of Corona in 2020, an incredible increase was seen in the price of gold. And the price of gold reached 50000.
  • 2022: Gold prices at Rs. 52000: After a sharp rise in 2020, gold prices have not seen any significant increase till 2022. In 2022, gold prices were recorded as high as 52000.
  • 2023: Gold prices at Rs. 63000: 2023 saw a good rise in gold prices and gold prices touched 63000.
  • 2024: Gold prices at Rs. 74000: In just 4 months in 2024, gold prices have surged tremendously. And the price of gold has reached 74000 in just a span of 3-4 months.

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