This person earns millions by rearing donkeys, not cows, buffaloes

At present everyone goes without but no one goes without food and drink. In that milk has become a necessary thing in our life. No one goes home without milk. Then we see people rearing cattle around our house. People earn thousands of rupees from animal husbandry. One of them is currently in a lot of discussion. 

India currently ranks first in milk production. India is the largest producer of milk. Due to which the cattle rearers in Gujarat earn good money. Banaskantha district is considered educationally backward. But most of the people are engaged in animal husbandry through which they earn good income. 

Then, for the first time in Banaskantha district, a person in Garh village of Palanpur taluka has started animal husbandry business by making a donkey form in his farm. 

Jagdish Bhai Patel of Garh village in Banaskantha studied only upto standard 10th. Over the years, his family has been involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. Jagdhish bhai created Donkey Farm by getting information from social media with the idea of doing something new.

The cost of 1 donkey is 30 thousand rupees

Jagdishbhai Patel of Garh village brought 16 donkeys of Gujarati breed from Rajasthan for 30 thousand rupees. Jagdishbhai Patel has built a donkey farm in his farm at a cost of 8 to 10 lakhs. Out of these 16 donkeys, 8 donkeys give milk. These 8 donkeys give approximately three to four liters of milk per day. That is, a donkey gives 350 to 500 grams of milk.

Donkey milk cost more than 2500 for 1 liter

Giving information, Jagdishbhai Patel said that the price of this milk is more than 2500 in 1 litre. This milk can be stored for 2 months. It is stored in the freezer at minus 5 degrees. Jagdishbhai Patel spends 2500 rupees on a donkey for 1 day. In which the donkeys are fed peanuts and millets.

The demand for cow’s milk powder increased

At present, Jagdishbhai is making powder from donkey milk in a company in Baroda. It costs 250 rupees to make powder for 1 liter of milk. In which 60 to 70 grams of powder is made from 1 liter. Jagdishbhai has so far powdered 50 liters of milk in a company in Baroda at a cost of Rs 12,500. However, not yet sold. As the demand for this powder is in quantity, this cattle breeder currently stores the powder. The powder that is made from this milk. The price of that powder is approximately 30 thousand rupees for 1 kg. However, the price of this powder in the national and international market is 30 thousand rupees per kg. So this cattle farmer can earn lakhs of rupees from donkey milk.

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