Richest Village of Gujarat Madhapar

Richest Village of Gujarat Madhapar: We hear from time to time that this person is the richest person in the world. In which we hear the names of Ambani, Ratan Tata, Laxmi Mittal, Ajim Pramji, Adani etc. But have you ever thought that the Richest Village in the world is the richest village in the world? And what is special about this village due to which it is included in the richest village in the world. So let’s see the information about this village.

Richest Village 2024

The name of Kutch is popular all over the world due to its diversity. The art, craftsmanship, beauty of Kutch, along with the beauty of nature, make the places and properties feel special. Along with this, the local people here have a special place in the world due to their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. Due to such enterprising behavior, the people of Madhapar of Kutch have made this village rich not only in the country but in the entire Asian continent while living abroad. The splendor of this village is not less than the city.

5000 crore deposits in Madhapar

Madhapar village located in Bhuj taluka of Kutch is one of the richest villages in South Asia. 5000 crore deposits are deposited in the banks of this village. Also famous for cleanliness. The viability of Madhapar village is due to the NRI Madhapar residents living in over 1 dozen country villages. So the locals of Madhapar, who are their relatives, insist on cleanliness of the residence, making the village unique. 5000 crores in banks and 200 crores in post offices.

Most people live abroad.

The people of this Madhapar village with a deposit of more than rupees are the splendor of NRI Madhapar Vasi living in any country of the world. This Richest Village Madhapar has a population of 42500. In which population of Nawawas Gram Panchayat is 23000 and Junawas is 19500. Most of the people of this village live abroad. In which most of the people belong to Leva Patel caste.

Village Agriculture Information

When Madhaparna lives abroad, the families deposit a lot of rupees in the banks of this village. Also the agriculture of this village also gives good yield. More than half of the people of this village live in Britain. A club built abroad for a village in India would hardly have been handled. The people of this village formed their own club in London. whose office is functioning. Which is named Madhapar Village Association.

17 bank branches in the village

It was opened with the intention that all the people of Madhapar village living in Britain would meet in the offices to meet each other under the pretext of a social program. Apart from this, an office was opened in the village to keep the people of the village directly connected with London. People from all over the world come to see this Richest Village. There are branches of 17 different banks. In which a deposit of 5000 crores is deposited. And a deposit of 200 crores is deposited in the post office.

Village schools

The most important fact is that the people of this village are always in touch with the village even though they are outside the village. People collect money and send it to the village. In this Madhapar village, from play school to high school, Hindi and English medium education is available. Apart from this, there is a shopping mall in the village. The village also has facilities ranging from ponds to swimming pools. The people of this village are still engaged in agriculture. In this village there is also a modern cowshed and a modern health center.

Garden and facilities

Every house in the village is equipped with garden and modern facilities.
The name of Madhapar village is believed to be derived from Madha Kanji Solanki. He belonged to the third generation of Hemraj Hardas of the Solanki dynasty of Gujarat. Every house in this village has been built with garden and modern amenities. Major English medium schools and colleges are located here. Apart from shopping malls, there are big shops in the bazaars here. Amazing temples built at the cost of lakhs also add to the beauty of this village.

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