Learn How To Avoid HeatStroke

Learn How To Avoid HeatStroke: At present, all the districts of the state are experiencing scorching heat and cold. In summer, the temperature has crossed 40 degrees. In such extreme heat, sun and if care is not taken, there are cases of death due to exposure to cold. What are some things to keep in mind in summer heat? What to be careful in eating and drinking? We will get information about things like etc.

Learn How To Avoid HeatStroke

The summer has just started, the sweltering cold and scorching heat has started. Every year we hear the news of many people falling ill due to heat and cold in summer and even dying if not taken care of. Let’s get information about what to keep in mind and what to take care in eating and drinking to avoid heat and cold.

What precautions should be taken?

Every person should take special precautions like following in summer heat and loo.

  • As the heat and humidity are high, drink plenty of cold water and other fluids like lemon juice during the day.
  • Avoid going out unnecessarily in the afternoon sun and heat.
  • If you have to go out in the sun, cover your head with a hat and sunglasses and cover your mouth with a handkerchief.
  • Avoid doing strenuous work in the sun as long as possible.
  • In summer, insist on wearing cotton and white colored clothes.
  • Prefer to go to cool places like gardens.
  • Heat fan, cooler and AC. use the
  • It is imperative to drink drinks made with jaggery, lemon, fennel instead of tea and coffee during hot weather.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods from market in summer. Eat clean, home-cooked food with less spices.
  • Take special care of the elderly, young children, pregnant women etc. in hot weather.

Do’s and Don’ts in Hitwave?

Death can also occur due to excessive heat and humidity in summer. To minimize the effects of heat and cold and prevent serious illness or death from cold, keep the following in mind.

  • Avoid going out in the afternoon as much as possible.
  • In summer, water in the body decreases. So insist on drinking as much water as possible even if you are not thirsty.
  • Wear light weight, loose and porous cotton clothes.. Wear sun glasses in the sun.
  • Avoid doing strenuous work in the afternoon.
  • Carry enough water with you while traveling anywhere.
  • Drink less alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks.
  • Eat more protein rich food and avoid eating stale food.
  • If a person has a cold and becomes unconscious, seek treatment from a doctor immediately.
  • Consuming ORS, home-made drinks like lassi, torni (rice water), lemon water, buttermilk, etc. which help to rehydrate the body.
  • Keep the animals in shelter and give them plenty of drinking water.
  • Keep your home cool, use curtains, shutters or sun-shades and keep windows open at night.
  • Use a fan and wet cloths and bathe in cold water.
  • Avoid immediate sun exposure after prolonged exposure to cold weather.

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