Home Remedies For Mosquito

Home Remedies For Mosquito: Mosquito infestation at home is common. If you live in a waterlogged area, you may encounter more mosquitoes here. Even if coils, liquids or sprays are used to kill mosquitoes, the situation returns to normal after a while.

Frequent use of chemical products is also harmful to health. However, you can also get rid of mosquitoes that spread diseases like malaria, dengue by doing some home remedies. If you use any one of these four things at home, even that will keep mosquitoes away.

Home Remedies For Mosquito

Neem:  Neem leaves are also useful to repel mosquitoes. For that take an earthen vessel and put dry neem leaves in it. Add some camphor cloves and tamal leaves in it and burn it at home in the evening. Keep the windows and doors of the house closed for a while. If you do this remedy, the mosquito will run away from the house. If you smoke neem in the house, the mosquito will not stay even for a minute.

Apple Vinegar:  Mix half water and half apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Now spray it on your clothes and body. A mosquito will not even come near you.

Garlic:  Garlic is also useful to repel mosquitoes from the house. For this, first boil the garlic and then make a paste and add it to the water. Now fill this water in a spray bottle and spray it on the place of the house where mosquitoes are sitting. By doing this remedy the mosquitoes will run away.

Lemon:  Lemon is effective in preventing mosquitoes from entering the house. For that, cut lemon into slices and keep cloves in it. Now keep this lemon in the places of the house where mosquitoes come the most. Mosquitoes will run away after keeping this lemon.

Tulsi:  Tulsi is full of Ayurvedic properties and is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. For that, collect the dried and fallen leaves of Tulsi and burn them at home in the evening. Mosquitoes run away from the smoke

Coffee powder:  You can also keep mosquitoes away with the help of coffee powder. If you have standing water around your house, sprinkling coffee in it will not kill mosquito larvae. Apart from this, putting coffee in an egg carton and burning it also keeps mosquitoes away.

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