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Cooling Gadgets Price Features: Summer has arrived and the sweltering heat has started. Then people are buying AC, cooler. In that, we will get the information of such cheap gadgets which are AC in price like 500 rupees. It will give a nice cooling effect. The temperature has reached above 40 degrees in many areas of the state. So today we are going to tell you the list of gadgets which are available in less than 500 rupees, which will make you feel cool like Shimla in summer.

Neck cooling tube

This gadget can be cooled for one and a half to two hours by keeping this cooling neck tube made of silicone in your home freezer for 30 minutes. This band provides good cooling in and around your neck. Silicone is a material that does not sting the skin. It can be worn comfortably for long hours. These cooling pads are easily available on e-commerce websites for Rs 350 to Rs 500.

Portable Cooler Battery

Powered by a portable cooler battery and USB cable, this mini cooler weighs less than half a kilo. It consists of a small storage box, filled with ice or water and operated. This mini cooler runs for up to 8 hours on battery, while cooling at three different speeds. This mini cooler is available on the e-commerce website for Rs. 350 to Rs. 600 is easily found.

Rechargeable hand fan

A rechargeable hand fan is a battery operated hand fan. Which will be available online for only 300 to 450 rupees. You can charge this fan the same way you charge your flashlight or headphones. Charged in 25 to 30 minutes, this fan can run for three to four hours and provides cool air.

Hydrocool towel

Hydrocool towels are made of special microfiber. This cooling towel cools down by soaking it in plain water. Wiping the body with this towel is cooling. This towel provides cooling during summer days and is also best for controlling heat after gym or exercise on normal days. These towels are available from 250 to 700 in various brands.

Neckband fan

Neckband Fan As with neckband earphones, there are also neckband fans. The cool air of the fan can be taken on the face by hanging these strips from the neck. Their price ranges from Rs.300 to Rs.1500. Which depends on the brands and quality. The band runs on batteries and can provide cool air for three to four hours once charged.

This cheap cooling gadget provides great relief from the heat. And the price is affordable for everyone. Currently it is very hot and cold, the demand for AC, cooler, various cooling gadgets is increasing. For the last few days, it has been very hot and cold in various districts of the state. In such conditions, children and elderly people should not go out as much as possible in the afternoon due to excessive heat and loo.

Another cooling gadget

Apart from this, other cooling gadgets are also available in the market. Which are as follows.

  • Mini Portable Air Conditioner: This gadget also comes in handy. Which is currently around 1100.
  • Clip Desk Fan: This cooling gadget also comes in handy. Which is currently worth approximately 280.
  • Arctic Air Cooler : This cooling gadget is available on online shopping platform Amazon for Rs. Available in 1699.
  • Hoteon USB Desk Fan : This fan is available on online shopping platform Amazon for Rs. 1199 is being found.
  • Patzy USB Personal Mini Portable Air Conditioner: This cooling gadget costs Rs. 990 is available online.

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